GC E-9

Vehicle size: 4.7 meters in length, 1.55 meters in rear bucket, Tire: 185 vacuum anti puncture tire, Doors and windows: electric lifting doors and windows, four door central control Brakes: Four wheel disc brakes Intelligent technology configuration: large screen multimedia MP5 large screen integrated reverse image heater anti-theft alarm anti sliding motor lock remote control key wiper spray front lens rear LED lamp Interior configuration: silk ring, foot pad, hand box, safety belt, environment-friendly foam air hole, front and rear adjustable seat Appearance configuration: luggage rack, high and low speed climbing gear, car grade 3C tempered front windshield, Aksu seven color pearl baking paint Speed: 40-50KM/H Shock absorption configuration: independent suspension and shock absorption of the front and rear axles as a whole Rear axle configuration: ultra silent rear axle Support voltage: 60V-72V Range: 80-500KM Battery configuration: optional 60V100A-72V500A Battery model: water battery, lead-acid battery, lithium battery Load configuration: 1 ton Battery box size: 98 * 57 * 33cm Wheelbase: 2.9 meters Ground clearance: 30cm in the front and 40cm in the back Weight: 550KG


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