GC E-2

Length, width, and height: 3800 * 1750 * ,1650 3500W 175/70R13 double-layer stamped automotive integrated shell, anti-collision steel beam, Inbor controller, 3000W AC, injection molded automotive interior, 155/70/R12 aluminum alloy wheel hub vacuum anti tire, heating, four door electric doors and windows, four wheel disc brakes, four door central control instrument panel, multimedia MP5 large screen, front passenger display screen, three screen, in car Bluetooth, voice interconnection Integrated radio reversing image reversing radar anti-theft alarm anti slip wire ring foot pad motor lock remote key integrated front and rear axle independent suspension shock absorption environment-friendly foam air hole can adjust the seat front and rear, car grade 3C tempered glass wiper, water spray front lens, rear LED lamp, ultra quiet rear axle, Aksu seven color pearl paint, built-in waterproof charger


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