New Arrival!!! - Fresh Air Dried Ginger

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New Arrival!!! - Fresh Air Dried Ginger,


1. Weight: 100g up 150g up, 200g up and 250g up

2. Standard: top grade, smooth, yellow inside and nature yellow skin, suitable to exporting to all over the world.

3. Place of Origin: Shandong province,China

4. Our Advantage: we have our own plant for processing fresh ginger.

5. The shelf life is long and it can be stored for upto 3 years under proper conditions.

6. healthy, nutritious and growing in fecund soil; washed and polished, intact, firm, good uniformity without big cracks


1. 10kg/plastic carton,

2. 30LB/plastic carton

3. 10kgs/mesh bag

4. 20kgs/mesh bag

customized packing: according to clients' requirements


24-28Metric Ton to one 40' reefer container


Product details

1) variety : .Fresh ginger . Laiwu Ginger , Anqiu Ginger .Air-dried Ginger

2) Sizes: 50g & up, 100g & up, 150g & up, 200g & up, 250g & up, 300g & up, 350g & up, etc

3) Advantages:

    * clean , no insect pest , no pesticide residue, color yellow , big plump body , high grade

    * Highest quality, authentic taste, healthy nutrition, smooth surface, yellow inside and yellow outside, suitable for export all over the world

    * it tastes hot and have effect to reduce bacteria, keep body in good health

    * the shelf life is long and in suitable environment, It can store for about three years

    * we have our own processing plant to produce fresh ginger, washing, polishing, storage, packaging and other links to ensure high quality standard

4) Can produce wonderful flavors and have the beneficial effect of reducing bacteria, keeping the heart in good condition and immunity


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