Fermenter Whole Dried Organic Black Garlic And Ginger

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AiL whole black garlic, made by fresh garlic, fermented for about 120 days in the fermentation room and extra 15 days natural fermentation, with no any additive,  the high-value black garlic come out in the market. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.


 1.Health foods

 2.Raw material from special class fresh garlic ( diameter 5.5-6.0 cm )

 3.Popular in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other places  

 4.Method:Skinning ready-to-use

 5.Nutrients:amino acids, ajoene, vitamins, nicotinic acid, lipoid, calories, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc,  potassium, magnesium, selenium and so on. 

 6. Function: Prevent cancer,control blood sugar,strenthen the function of internal organs; Disinfection,disease prevention wall; Anti-oxidant ability; Enhance immune function.

Product NameFermented Black Garlic
Product Type:Fermented

100% natural garlic

Specification:Multi-Cloves/Single Clove
Salmonella: Negative
Addictive: None


Flavor:Typical of Garlic

Use methods of Black Garlic:

1.Eat directly

 Can eat directly,the effect of regulate constipation,prevents cancer,diabetes,the heart cerebrovascular disease and many kinds of diseases.

2.Food and beverage industry

 Food and beverage industry create many kinds of upscale heath care cookbook.

3.Hot spring bath

Can develop high-end bath brand,after takes a bath using black garlic can prevent and treatment many kinds of skin disease,eliminates the surface germ of the skin.

4.Beauty industry

Using black garlic anti-oxidation ability strong characteristic can make the upscale beauty mask and the black garlic skin appliances.

5.Pet food

 Can make upscale pet food to prevent and treatment pet's kinds of internal disease.

product details:


Packaging & Shipping:

1.Packaging Details:  2pcs,4pcs,6pcs in  vacuum bag/ bag in ctns

                                      Inner packing: plastic tank

                                      Outer packing: standard carton packing

2.Delivery Detail: 7 days after you order

3.Storage: Dry and shady place with no bacteria, avoid sunlight and high temperature ( below 20 degrees).

4.Shelf life: 24 months

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our advantage:

We have more than 16 years of experience in exporting garlic. Our products have been exported to forty countries and regions, we are highly praised by our customers. Meet the requirements of customers and make friends is our management tenet. We will provide the best quality products, the most affordable price, and the best service to our customers, any needs, please feel free to contact us, your email will be welcomed!

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